Arash Karimi Unveils Audi Electric Bike Concept

Motorbikes are not as green as bicycles, and after tiresome work of the day you may need the engine to pull.  Consumers always prefer visual treat and high performance in utility, and in updating their vehicle. Arash Karimi has designed the concept of electric bike for Audi admirers. The new bike with motive of go green on environment focuses on smooth rides, durability, aesthetic sense and style.

Audi electric bike has been designed by Arash Karimi, and definitely would be a part of future consumers in urban region. In the cities with rising awareness of green attitudes they lessen using cars in cities, EVs are a great idea. The concepts of electric bike give us a glimpse of green transportation as well as its impact on globe. With growing popularity of minimalistic designs, Arash karimi understands the importance of eco-efficient products while creating Audi electric bike.

Arash Karimi’s bike takes inspiration from Audi’s sophisticated cars. Easily interchangeable wheels, adjustable seats, and rear lights are some features of the bike. The bike’s belt chain in Kevlar need not be greased to maintain.

The concept of the bike features a rechargeable battery which would last for twenty kilometers and an electrical engine LED light of back and a front that would be appreciated by the user. The polymer battery of lithium ion can be charged with conventional wall socket. The battery life is improved by the light weight of bike. The battery placed in the rear wheel frame helps to power the electric engine for a longer period. With low handle bars you have to lean forward during cycling. You could also go ahead and read through our previous article about terrain bike.

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