Tiffany & Co Extends a Helping Hand to Love Struck Couples

Tiffany & Company can safely claim to have 175 years of experience in matters of romance and love. They have always supported people who have fallen in love. Majority of them must have visited Tiffany to cement the romantic relationship. Its signature robin blue pill box has been synonymous with romance since ages. The company is taking a more proactive role in helping out the brave hearts who dare to venture into the uncharted territory of love. Tiffany & Co. has now launched a new website and iPhone app as a guide to those who want to take their romantic relationship forward.

Caroline Naggiar, the Chief Marketing Officer at Tiffany & Co explains that the company’s presence at engagements and weddings has been very strong since ages. The new website will expand their presence online. The site will carry love stories and a whole world of romantic possibilities. It will help the company get even closer to romantic couples and in a sense hold their hand through their engagement and wedding, taking the romance to its logical conclusion. There would be regular updation of the site and new content will be added from time to time.

The romantics everywhere will find the site to be the ideal place as the go-to resource. The website and app are designed to encourage and support the romantics with tales of real-life couples who recall the thrill of their own romantic journey. The content will be rich and include photographs and films. There will be whole lot of tips for love-struck couples. Tiffany enjoys a lot of credibility in the field because of its 175 years of experience as an expert on the subject. The website also has a special segment that explores the fabulous, fabled world of New York. They consider it the ultimate city for falling in love. It is a participative site as the visitors can add their own chapters to this virtual book of love.

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