Damien Hirst Unveils Skateboards that Feature His Paintings

If you were looking for another marketing technique that could get you a lot of business, one of the ways is to associate your product with art. Damien Hirst sure knows that art could be a great money maker for manufacturers, and he has now unveiled skateboard decks that feature his own paintings. He has a publishing company of his own called ‘Other Criteria‘ and his skateboards would be sold at a store in London. Initially his skateboards sold for $100.

Now, the ones that are associated with his paintings will cost almost $2,000 and other artists like Jeff Koons, Richard Prince, and Christopher Wool have collaborated with Supreme too, earlier. These skateboards would be signed by Hirst himself and you will have the pleasure of telling your friends that you got something exclusive. If you asked me, the skateboards do look rather cool and funky. However, $2000 might be too steep a price to for decks that get scratched while being used. The skateboards are part of a series of collaborations with Supreme.

Supreme has tied up with other artists mentioned above as well. Skating and art don’t really go together, but again they do too. However, to charge so much for something that is so abstract by using marketing seems rather off-putting. Nevertheless, you can go ahead and take a look at these skateboards and buy them if you can afford to. I would any day find it really fun to go ahead and skate all the way, and also indulge in some art.

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