Celebrity Fragrance Creed’s Marketing Strategy Revealed

If you were looking for one of the most pseudo-exclusive perfumes in the world, you should actually stop looking for it in magazines, and instead look for what celebrities tell you ‘secretly’ they wear. It is not difficult to find these secrets. Take for example, Creed. Almost none of us have heard it, but still the ‘secret’ is out there and Ad Week even has a special feature dedicated to this exclusive, hard-to-find celebrity fragrance, which does not use advertisements of any sorts.

The trick lies in the marketing books, which teach ad guys that if you want to sell a product to the wannabes, all that you need to do is, make it difficult to find. They would eventually come around looking for it, sniffing in all the right and wrong places. Creed’s products are worn by “England’s King George III, Audrey Hepburn, George Clooney, and Michelle Obama ” Ad Week reveals.

The feature article also reveals that the perfume is available only in a ‘mere 87 department stores plus one in NYC’. Now, how hard is it to find these 87 stores, and how hard is it to find a copy of the article on Ad Week? The marketing guys shouldn’t have contacted PR people and got the article written if they really wanted wannabes to believe that Creed is an exclusive brand the way they think it is. Royal-Oud, their new perfume is apparently waiting to be launched, and this feature is obviously to create an interest. Sigh, if only they were a little clever about the whole deal!

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