40,000 Swarovski Crystals Create Michelangelo Masterpiece On ASUS Laptop

When you combine ASUS with Swarovski, the result is sure to be something else altogether. Swarovski crystals seem to be everywhere. Earlier this year, in May, we learnt that Etihad Airways had added serious bling to the standard amenities kits that it hands out to its First Class passengers. And now Swarovski appears to be the adornment of choice for popular laptop brand ASUS.

Not that ASUS is behind the crystallized design. On the contrary, the crystallized ASUS laptop is the project of a design firm, the aptly named Crystallize Your Design. The company has chosen the ASUS NX90 notebook as its canvas of choice. Under Crystallize Your Design’s influence, the sober, businesslike ASUS NX90 has undergone a massive metamorphosis. The notebook has been literally blinged out with a whopping 40,000 Swarovski crystals.

Moreover, this is going to be a unique design. No knock-offs whatsoever. Not yet at least. And the design should get tech-loving art lovers interested, because the design is not just another abstract pattern. Crystallize Your Design has chosen a famous painting by Michelangelo, “The hands of God” to be the image topping this laptop.

This gives rise to a certain degree of difficulty. Portraying the various shades and hues of the painting using only crystal is no mean task. Hence, the designers have had to handpick each crystal to ensure a faithful reproduction. And as if that were not enough, the ASUS NX90 promises excellent audio quality. After all, this lappie is equipped with Bang & Olufsen speakers, no less!

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