How Mr. Hare Built a Luxury Shoe industry from the Scratch

You will never know where you get inspirations, may be  in contrast or adverse  situations, strange places or simple conversation during dinner time  or some other situatiopn. During Mr. Hare’s  redundant marketing work  at a Swedish store J. Lindeberg , he met with an accident resulting in breaking of leg. Again he freelanced in marketing, where he realized he could never get any recognition. And came to know he had to work all his life for someone else. He realized if he works for himself he would get security. As he had an obsession for  shoes, he noticed  a pair of aged peasants shoes in a tapas bar, and he wondered if details of the shoes were transformed, it would make a wonderful pair. It was a eureka moment in his life.

Now, luxury shoe designer, Mr. Hare offers a collection of luxury shoes in fine black leather for upcoming spring / summer 2011. The construction and quality of collection can be described as free of faults. Variety of dazzling shoes is showed off. They are of fine assortment with formal lace ups, boots, loafers. If your wallets are pinching, you might want to think again as they are a pricy collection. You could pre order at Liberty, for a special celebration on November 26th in London.

Mr. Hare’s history begins humbly and to start a new business he had needed about t£35,000.  With handful of designs, with old shoe production contacts he made trips for buy and sell exhibits in Las Vegas, Berlin, and Paris.   During 1st income meeting, Mr. Hare was rewarded $12,000. Later he got distribution in boutiques with which he has currently stocks in 35 outlets. Though shoes are produced in Italy He opts for British manufacturers. He has convinced with his decision and excited about his future. The success stories of entrepreneurs of the business world always a guiding light for others.


Via: Telegraph

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