New K3003 Headphones from AKG Keeps Unwanted Sounds Out

AKG is one of the most established audio brands and their recently released flagship model is like a jewel in its crown. K3003 is a high performance, handmade 3-way headphones with a timeless design. The most unique aspect of the earphone design is that it is hand crafted out of a single piece of stainless steel. Another element that makes it unique and superior is that the design is based on a new hybrid technology that helps produce unmatched sound. The product is not just unique but great in terms of design, looks, quality and performance.

The headphones also feature a stainless steel in-line mic and remote and a leather carrying case for storage. Apart from the microphone it also features in-line volume control. Passive noise reduction feature has been incorporated in the headphones. It enables the headphones to offer undistracted listening by effectively sealing out most unwanted sound. The silver colored headphone has a brushed stainless steel housing and steel remote face. The Y connector is made of steel but the upper cable is rubberized whereas the lower cable has a cover made from cloth.

The headphones come with 6 pairs of sleeves, two in each size of small, medium and large. At a net weight of just 12 grams you hardly feel it and it does not come between you and your music. The headset comes with a steel 3.5 mm jack plug and steel flight adapter. It has a 1.2 meter cable to allow free movement while listening to music. This is definitely one of the best so far to come out of the AKG stable. It is not cheap at $1,188 plus Vat but you will have to pay a price for its unmatched quality.

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