Gaby Basora Creates Tucker Line of Clothes for the Thinking Women

Gaby Basora, the Chicago born designer, makes clothes for you could call thinking women. Her Tucker line provides the perfect attire for thinkers who want to look feminine but hate the superficial designs and clothing brands that attempt to turn you into a beautiful thing. They don’t like the clothes to come in the way of expressing their personality as women of substance. Basora admits that she has made clothes inspired by French writer Margarite Duras, British couture photographer Sarah Moon, and Marie Antoinette. Basora has recently launched her collection for winter that has designs that are equally compelling.

Basora says about her new collection that it has a more liberal inspiration. Even if you start from a particular point you have to modify it to bring in other elements that you want to incorporate in the design. She feels that her tendency to look behind a thing to find what actually inspired it comes in the way of enjoying a picture or a drawing or even a simple meal. Basora has released the photographs of her collection as a distinct set of three types of women, a natural beauty, a modern pop-art punk and the beauty of the day.

A metallic yarn called lurex has been used innovatively by Basora to create a sense of festivity. Deep jewel tones and scruffy texture has been used to create a wonderful combination. There are casually charming pieces in the collection like an elegant kimono wrap shirt, tailored drummer jacket and long pleated skirt. Basora has been liberal in her use of silk. She has given very unusual and interesting names to her clothes. One flannel is called Mother’s First Book.

A certain print pattern is labeled Tinsel and Gretel. The Tucker line of clothes is available at Barneys, Shop Bop, Bergdorf Goodman, Nordstrom, Bird and Otte. The pricing has been done in the range of $240 to $300 for pants and $225 to $325 for dresses, skirts and blouses.

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