Parents-to-be Can Now Have Luxurious ‘Babymoons’, and How!

The Mezzatorre resort and spa has been designed, renovated at the sixteenth century tower, surrounded by pine trees. Italian 5-star hotel is in central part of Forio d´Ischia. After renovation the tower has been fully equipped with modern amenities. The resort features 7 suites and 52 rooms and guest rooms with exquisite sea view on San Montano bay. It has outdoor Jacuzzi pools and recreational facilities include heated seawater swimming pool located on one of the terraces.

The “Relaxing Package” includes a 4 nights’ accommodation with daily Buffet and the package includes 4 nights’ accommodation with sea view, buffet breakfast, fresh fruit, flowers, and healthy drinks will be served. Daily afternoon herbal tea will be offered. Three more thermal swimming pools are part of the Health & Beauty Centre. The resort exclusively offer “pregnancy spa treatments”, prenatal massage treatments (umm, really?), and tummy facial moisturising and many more. The baby moon packages help couples to rediscover their “bond and love” (how true. I bet each one would get busy with the masseurs for happy endings). Couples who are entering parenthood can expect highly qualified professionals to give therapies (What are these therapies?).

This is the best resort and hotel to give beauty treatment for an expectant mom who can expect hydrotherapy, facial massage, plantar reflex therapy, 2 lymphatic drainage for leg, and exfoliation with fresh lemons and almond oil. The expectant father is given a Turkish bath, hot stone massage, slimming massage, thermal water treatment in pool, and also regenerating treatment. Packages are in limited numbers. The resort offers guests unforgettable moments of comfort.

Alright, I agree that the spa offers great services to couples and encourages breeding, when we are already over-burdened with population and unwanted kids. However, why on earth did I even think of writing this as a piece of elite and hip find? I guess, people around me are so obsessed about breeding that sometimes, one just can’t help but have a smirk and pretend to find ‘babymoons’ and ‘honeymoons’ supercool. Well, meanwhile I guess it is time for me to make the next bootie call and have some fun! Of course, that won’t result in breeding. So no babymoons for me and my f***buddies. If you think what you read above contrasts with my true opinions, “TOO BAD”!

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