Luxury Travel: The Most Expensive Luxury Suites In The World

Nothing compares to the VIP life. People fall over themselves to ensure that the VIP gets nothing but the best. This holds true for luxury hotels, as they throw open their luxury suites for millionaires, celebrities and heads of state. From ordering special flowers to preparing a customized breakfast shake to even providing a range of five luxury cars for the guest to choose one, there is no end to the multitude of requests that must be fulfilled when a VIP pays a visit to a luxury property.

The only catch lies in the price tag. Luxury suites do not come cheap. Rates can range from a few thousand dollars to a whopping five-figure sum. For instance, a single night at the Lanesborough Suite in The Lanesborough Hotel in London costs a staggering $23,000. Although it may be among the most expensive, Lanesborough is not alone in charging unbelievable amounts for its high-end suites. We list out for you some of the costliest luxury suites in the world.

1. The Ritz-Carlton Suite, The Ritz-Carlton, Washington D.C.
Cost Per Night: $6,000

VIPs get the royal treatment at this lavish Ritz-Carlton suite in Washington D.C. This luxury suite is spacious at 2,250 square feet and offers all the comforts of a luxury home. The Ritz-Carlton Suite has an elegant formal dining area, a private terrace and a luxurious master bedroom that offers guests the twin benefits of a double vanity and a dressing area. Keeping in mind that these are VIPs, adequate security is provided to guests who want to sit outside on the terrace.

Luxury suites are no fun without the fringe benefits. Thus, The Ritz-Carlton Suite guests have the privilege of sitting at the chef’s counter at Eric Ripert’s West End Bistro to watch the action in the kitchen. They also have access to a cocktail bar and can shoot a few hoops at Sports Club/LA’s basketball court.

From bringing in branded candles to protecting the guest’s personal liquor, the Ritz-Carlton staff is on hand round the clock to take care of VIP guests’ specific requests and requirements. Moreover, The Ritz-Carlton hires staff from 30 different nationalities to ensure cultural sensitivity and better communication with guests.

2. The “Tiffany & Co.” Suite, St. Regis New York
Cost Per Night: $8,500

Fine jewelry brand Tiffany & Co. collaborated with the St. Regis New York to create a luxury suite that is fit for a princess. The result is the “Tiffany & Co.” Suite at the luxury hotel’s 14th floor. The 1,700-square-foot space offers many references to fine jewelry. The color palette for this exquisite suite includes neutrals like white, beige, grey and silver, brightened by accents in Tiffany’s signature blue.

The furniture in the suite is a mix of Art Deco, the classic and the contemporary. There are jewel-shaped armchairs from McGuire. The striped headboard on the bed is upholstered in Tiffany blue. But the Tiffany link shows through in other, more obvious ways. For instance, there is a bar cart that exclusively carries crystal barware from Tiffany. Chandeliers (especially the one in the Tiffany box-like dining room) add to the glittering appeal of this luxury suite.

Additionally, the “Tiffany & Co” Suite at the St. Regis offers a magnificent view of Fifth Avenue and Central Park thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows that adorn the living room.

3.  The Presidential Suite, The Mandarin Oriental, Washington D.C.
Cost Per Night: $10,000

Most people would not pay $10,000 for a night at even the most indulgent luxury suites in the world. However, many political leaders, Hollywood bigwigs and business tycoons have been guests at The Mandarin Oriental’s Presidential Suite. The classically elegant suite is fresh from a makeover conducted by Atlanta-based designers Karen Kent and Cristi Moore.

The 3,500-square-foot suite has an elegant living room with high ceilings, a fitness area equipped with a top-end treadmill, a grand piano and a gorgeous bathroom with an infinity-edge tub. The suite offers breathtaking views of the city, particularly from the two en suite balconies.

Fitness-conscious guests can also request for the services of a trained Pilates instructor for a private session. Also on offer are a range of beauty and fitness treatments.

4. The Royal Suite, The Four Seasons, Washington D.C.
Cost Per Night: $15,000

Interior designer Pamela Anderson (not to be confused with the Baywatch star) has literally given the royal treatment to the Royal Suite at the Four Seasons. At rates of $15,000 a night, this luxury suite may appear exorbitantly priced. However, there is no scrimping on the lavish treatment meted out to guests.

Guests at the Royal Suite enjoy the services of a personal butler and 24-hour concierge service. A luxury car is placed at their disposal as and when they might require. These are the basic perks. Additionally, guests can specifically request for personal trainers, a gourmet chef and even special security. Guests who require greater privacy and security have the option of closing doors in the hallway to shut out one, three or eight bedrooms. The spectacular cream-colored marble bathroom features an exquisite crystal fixture on the ceiling that overhangs the freestanding tub.

The one-bedroom suite opens on to a beautiful open terrace. The glass windows and doors that separate the terrace from the rest of the suite have been crafted from bullet-resistant glass. Indeed, few luxury suites take the VIP status of its guests so seriously.

5. Lanesborough Suite, The Lanesborough Hotel, London
Cost Per Night: £14,000 (approximately $23,000)

For some luxury travelers, the $23,000 price tag on the Lanesborough Suite is a worthy indulgence. This luxury suite in The Lanesborough Hotel in London is among the costliest luxury suites in the world. And why not? This 4,000-square-foot suite houses four bedrooms, two living rooms, five baths, a dining area and a kitchen. This Alberto Pinto-designed suite is larger than many London homes. Moreover, it comes with a range of services that ensure a luxurious experience for high-profile guests.

To begin with, guests can access a Michelin-starred restaurant and avail the services of a personal butler. While many luxury hotels offer luxury cars for guests living in its most expensive suites, guests at the Lanesborough Suite get not just any luxury car – they get a Rolls Royce!

The hotel features a mix of 19th century design with contemporary luxury. Plus, the first-floor hotel boasts of beautiful views of Hyde Park, Wellington Arch and Green Park.

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