An Exclusive Pair of Sunglasses with a golden Frame and Emerald lenses

A new pair of sunglasses with an interesting design can easily make its way into your collection even you have twenty pairs in your collection already. Albert Bensimon, the managing director of Shiels has got an unusual pair made and has put them up for display. They are expensive sunglasses worth over $200,000 and there are many celebrities who would like to own them. They are not diamond sunglasses but a unique pair of emerald sunglasses. They have been brought from Adelaide to Perth in Western Australia to celebrate the smash hit musical Wicked which has also just arrived in Perth.

Albert Bensimon had received them just eight days ago from his personal jeweler. The sunglasses were put up for display at the Burswood Theatre prior to the opening of the show. The glasses couldn’t be ready for the show in Adelaide and had not been put on display there. The idea for creating these sunglasses had been there for quite some time but it took five years to source suitable emeralds for them. It took another three months in cutting the emeralds and giving them the right shape and polishing them.

The inspiration for these sunglasses had come from the infamous Roman Emperor Nero who is supposed to have got emeralds hollowed out like lenses to help him watch gladiatorial fights. Bensimon has always been interested in making unusual pieces of jewelry. The unusual pair of sunglasses has already generated a lot of interest amongst potential buyers. Like Versace’s sunglasses the frame of the exclusive glasses has been made from 18 carat gold and has been enhanced with diamonds. The glasses will be on display at the Shiels Carillion store window till Sunday. The exclusive and precious piece of accessory is being guarded by security guards round the clock.


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