Self-Contained Field Kitchen Is Ideal For Camping Trips

The term “portable kitchen” gets a new meaning with the Field Kitchen from Kanz Outdoors. Whether you are on a camping trip or hosting a backyard barbeque or simply waiting for the kitchen renovations to be over, the Field Kitchen is a great contraption. The Field Kitchen is designed as a self-contained unit that offers you full kitchen facilities. It comes with a camping stove, cookware and accommodates a range of accessories. So, if you like, you could fit in an ice box as well. Additionally, the unit contains a Field Pantry and a working platform.

The entire self-contained Field Kitchen is lightweight, a necessity given its USP as a portable unit. The deep drawn marine-quality aluminum panels contribute to the lightweight nature of the Field Kitchen without compromising on high impact strength. Thus, this hardy, mobile contraption promises to make cooking on the go easier than ever before.

The sleek unit combines the aluminum with Baltic birch plywood panels for a sleek, contemporary look. The use of organic plywood ensures that it does not stick out like a sore thumb outdoors. You can fit it with optional legs to turn it into a free-standing unit. Meanwhile, the aluminum top lid performs several functions. Fold it back to access the cooking range, use it as a windscreen, or dismantle it and use it as a serving tray. The drawers, shelves and dividers can hold most kinds of standard lightweight cookware.

The Field Kitchen, however, does not come cheap. The range starts from $595 and goes up to a fully-furnished version for $1,399.

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