Zafirro at $100,000 is the Most Expensive Razor

The choice of razor is important as it has the potential to make or mar your look. You keep coming across all kinds of razors, vintage pieces like the Mastodon Straight Razor which is actually quite old and truly a classic. Then there are luxurious razors like the Damascene Razor that flaunts 128 layers of distinctive steel and it shows in the final result and the clean and smooth shave you get. And now you have the most expensive razor that would cost you $100,000.

The most expensive razor promises you the cleanest shave. It is an Iridium line razor and meant to give the uber rich a really close and clean shave. Called the Zafirro razor, it has been created as limited edition release and only 99 pieces of the expensive razor will be produced. Each razor will be imprinted with a serial number and monogrammed as per you requirement to match your provisions. Zafirro provides you a luxurious way of shaving. It does not use steel for the blades but artificial sapphire which is grown at a former Soviet lab in the Ukraine.

The blades made from sapphire will remain as sharp as the first shave through the year. The Bright Light Ventures, the makers of the razor promises complimentary re-sharpening for ten consecutive years. Like any other luxury product the razor costs a lot but serves you for a very long time. The thickness of the blade is about 1/10,000th the width of a hair and is sharper than any of the blades available in the market. The cartridge is made from medical grade stainless steel and the blades are packed with 16 neodymium magnets. The handle is made from 99.9% pure iridium.

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