Heidi Klum Launches her First Signature Fragrance Shine

Heidi Klum became known and famous as a supermodel. But she did not stop at that but continued to evolve beyond that but leveraged her position and status as a super model to get into other creative areas. She tried her hand at being a designer. She hosted Project Runway and even produced shows. She kept evolving in her personal life as well. She became a wife and then a mother. She is not resting on her laurels but moving ahead with the launch of her new perfume.  She has done a quick follow up on the Lady Gaga perfume.The 38-year-old German stunner has now become a celebrity perfumer.

Klum has named her first signature fragrance Shine. It is basically an oriental scent and has been made from pink peppercorn, pear and mandarin top notes. It is a luxurious and sensual fragrance with mimosa absolute, sunflower, and lily of the valley heart; and musk cosmone, vanilla and Venezuelan tonka bean drydown. Klum has tried to create a sensual and feminine fragrance that smells luxurious and expensive and not necessarily be the most expensive perfume. She has consciously tried to make it different from so many perfumes in the market that smell cheap and too sweet.

The perfume is packaged into a gold bottle with a round wavy base. The ad campaign supporting the launch has been kept simple. It features Klum gazing seductively at the camera while the light reflects onto her wind-blown, blond strands. Klum believes that you can sell a dream to a woman or a lifestyle that she aspires to have but you can’t trick her all the time. And that’s why she has not allowed her ad to be retouched too much. She claims that one of her tooth is longer than the others and that one can see her snaggletooth coming out a little bit in the Shine ad. Heidi Klum works hard on trying to look like a simple woman.

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