The Middletons Could be Buying a Holiday Home in Mustique

The Royal Wedding has brought the Middletons in the news more prominently. Whatever they do is news for a section of the media and the people. And the latest news on the Middleton front is that they have decided to buy a holiday home on the island Mustique which is probably the most exclusive island in the West Indies. The island is buzzing with rumors about which luxury home or luxury villa they will finally select. Michael and Carole Middleton have been regular visitors to the island and have developed strong connections there as several prominent islanders including Basil Charles of the eponymous bar received invitations to Westminster Abbey.

The 1,400-acre Caribbean island was originally bought in 1958 by the late Colin Tennant for just £45,000. He invested in the island and transformed the picturesque but swampy backwater with roads and electricity. He gifted ten acres to Princess Margaret as a wedding present who built a house and initiated the development of a new Caribbean playground. Mick Jagger and David Bowie both bought houses, and the island’s extravagant costume parties became legendary. Privacy is maintained on the island at any cost and the authorities follow a zero tolerance policy toward the paparazzi who are deported immediately. It is so private that even Prince William felt sufficiently comfortable to give a karaoke rendition of Elvis Presley’s Suspicious Minds at the Basil’s.

The island boasts two hotels, but only 110 houses. Middletons have secured a social footing on the island over the years and they would be welcomed with open arms should they decide to buy a home. There are eight properties for sale on Mustique. If the rumors are to be believed, the Middletons are looking to buy a holiday home on an island where their daughter, the Duchess of Cambridge, and her husband, the future King, have already enjoyed a carefree holiday. Tanama, at £3.5m is a five-bedroom house with a large swimming pool, fish pond and cactus garden. Rutland Hill is being sold by German firearms manufacturer Andreas Heeschen for £9.3m. This seven-bedroom colonial-style villa is believed to be in need of a revamp. There are more on the market and we will know soon if the rumors are true.

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