Suri Cruise Gets a $100,000 Tree House in her Backyard

What is it with rich kids and tree houses? From the look of it seems that the kids drive their rich parents up the tree for a lavish tree house. The Victoria Beckham tree house in its time had taken up a lot of media time and space. There have been other expensive tree houses reported. There was this Russian Boy £50,000 Tree House. And the expensive tree house is back again and this time it is the star kid Suri Cruise, the apple of the eye of Katie and Tom Cruise.

A few days ago there were unconfirmed stories about a $150,000 shoe collection of little Suri Cruise. And now we have one more unconfirmed storey about a lavish tree house the Cruise couple has built in their back yard for their daughter. If the storey is to be believed, the tree house is modeled like a little chateau. To take care of the kid while she plays in it there are security cameras installed in the tree house and there are a team of nannies at hand to take care of anything the child might need.

This tree house is not a child’s play but serious business as it carries a price tag of $100,000. We should also add the rider, if the reports are to be believed. But when it involves Tom Cruise you are willing to believe anything. Though $100,000 is a lot of money that can actually buy you a real house where real people live and struggle to pay mortgages on. But this is the perk of being a rich kid. We can only hope that this kind of pampering doesn’t spoil her but she enjoys the chateau style tree house.

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