Nearly Invisible Hollis Crib gives you Clear View of Your Sleeping Baby

The infants and babies need all the care they can get. The parents of small babies need to be that much more careful when making arrangements for the perfect place where babies can sleep. Nurseryworks’ Hollis Crib provides an answer for them, at least for the rich kids. The Hollis Crib is a wonderful, almost magical piece of furniture and Nurseryworks has been known to create interesting, comfortable and safe things for kids and babies. At the first glance the Hollis Crib might look like a fish tank to some because of its four transparent walls but it is the most luxurious crib around.

The walls are actually broad slatted Lucite panels. The panels are so clear and transparent and the entire structure is so well streamlined that it is nearly invisible. It is a modern piece of furniture that has all the design elements to make it most comfortable and safe for the sleeping babies. The design has taken into consideration all aspects hygiene and safety. The new crib by Nurseryworks has apparently been inspired by Charles Hollis Jones who is considered a pioneer in acrylic furniture design.

The Hollis Crib, no doubt, is a unique and sophisticated sleeping spot for your little one. The Nurseryworks website has all the details you might like to know about the wonderful crib. It is made of non-toxic and recyclable Lucite. The design of the Hollis Crib has been patented and hence you won’t find a similar crib elsewhere. The design allows for three mattress heights. The crib has been priced at $3,500. The crib is available on the 2Modern site and the price includes the cost of shipping to anywhere in the continental USA. You must decide before the baby grows up.

Via: 2Modern

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