Ethereal Leads the Growing Trend of Eco-Friendly Super-Yachts

The trend of green super yachts is on the rise. More and more yacht owners and operators are adopting eco friendly measures. The prime example of this welcome trend is Ethereal. A190-foot super-yacht, Ethereal is currently afloat with top of the line energy efficiency. It has gone several steps ahead with technological innovation focused on energy conservation to make their operations autonomous and sustainable. Ethereal has taken the final step to become completely green and reduce its carbon footprint to net zero by taking guaranteed carbon offsets supplied by The CarbonNeutral Company.

While going green, the yacht has not compromised on the convenience and luxury it offers. Her green claim to fame is backed by natural materials like mahogany wood and organic fabrics used in its interior. The green yacht is available exclusively for charter. YCO, the company that handles the charter is encouraging the growing green trend in yachting and has become involved with Sea Keepers for the purpose. Charlie Birkett, CEO of YCO believes that green has become a standard and is no more an exception. YCO SAIL division is another step in that direction. It stresses more on energy conservation.

The leading yards have also brought the environmental issues to the forefront. The designs of the new super yachts are more environmentally aware. The Royal Huisman yard which is considered one of the leading yards has made Ethereal. The yacht today is considered one of the most efficient, eco-friendly super yachts afloat. It has not only reduced its energy consumption but offset its carbon footprint as well. In 2009 they had done it through the Tieling coal mine methane project in China and for 2010 they have associated with The CarbonNeutral Company’s OneNature portfolio, made up of 100% renewable energy projects.

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