Boeing 747 Recycled to Create a Hilltop Residence in Malibu

Recycling is a green concept and it makes sense to reutilize a piece of equipment rather than scrapping it. But when the piece of equipment to be recycled is a large Boeing 747 aircraft it becomes a herculean task. But where there is a will, there is a way. The concept of recycling a 747 aircraft to create a unique and unusual hose is no doubt very appealing but it is not only technologically a demanding task but a logistical nightmare. Moving 4.5 million plane parts or roughly 400,000 pounds of airplane requires some doing.

David Hertz Architects have designed the unique desert dwelling using different parts of a dismantled Boeing 747 aircraft. The airplane was first sliced into major sections and then parts were individually moved to a hilltop location in Malibu. Different means of transport were used, including a helicopter for the daunting logistical exercise. The location of the unusual house is surrounded by sparse rolling landscape. The large wings of the airplane have now become the roof of the home giving the impression that it is perched on the hilltop ready for a takeoff.

The 50 foot length of the fuselage has been used to make the roof of an art studio. The first class cabin deck of the aircraft has been used innovatively in the guest house section of the home. In fact it has been designed as two separate residences. One main block and the other is a guest residence. The construction was completed last month and it is ready for use. People who love planes will be thrilled to see the way wings, stabilizers and other parts of the plane has been used enclose and shape spaces.

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