The Destruction Company Helps Wealthy Smash Things for a Price

I am not sure when the phrase ‘having money to burn’ was coined. Someone who could afford to do it must have actually burned some money to have given birth to the idea to do it. The filthy rich amongst us still have the urge to do it and now we have company that arranges for them to do it for a price.

Yes, they actually saw a business opportunity in this human emotion of frustration and in fact their initiative is a lot of seriously rich guys remain sane. The Destruction Company has a simple business model; they let you destroy anything at all, for a price. There have been studies that prove that physically destroying something releases negative forces out of your body. There is a scientific basis to this theory.

The release of destructive negative forces is beneficial for your body as it allows the body a physical outlet for those frustrations which otherwise may lead to a nervous breakdown. It is not abnormal to have an urge to take a sledge hammer and smash the computer up completely. The Destruction Company believes it is better to give a release to these negative emotions and not bottle it up as it might damage your psyche in the long run.

The Destruction Company provides you the platform for you to do as you wish without worrying about the consequences or cleaning up the mess you might create. They have a comprehensive list of objects that you can destroy. Members can choose from a list that includes items like furniture, televisions, guitars, fax machines, motorcycles, lap tops and pottery. The data released by the company indicates that iPads are the most popular amongst the gadgets that the rich want to destroy.

The company allows you to choose the weapon with which you wish to wreak havoc. You can choose from baseball bats, golf clubs, battle axes, sledgehammers, lump hammers, swords, and chainsaws. The idea is to make it a cathartic experience. You are also provided with protective gear to ensure that you don’t get hurt in the process. If it is a special item that you wish to destroy then you have to pay in advance so that the company can procure it on your behalf.

You can go through the smashing exercise individually or in group sessions. All the sessions are filmed by the company so that members can watch the footage of themselves in action. Members pay an annual fee to the company and they are billed for everything they destroy during the year. The prices range from $10 for a set of plates, or $2,000 for a baby grand piano to cars costing over $100,000. There have even been requests for destroying a Ferrari.

Membership to this exclusive club is restricted and can be obtained through invitation only. An existing member must introduce you. The rules are kept to the bare minimum and kept really simple. You cannot use a firearm and no living thing or paperwork can be destroyed. You cannot destroy drugs or alcohol either. The Destruction Company is operating in New Jersey right now but is hoping to expand its business soon to Los Angeles and London.

Here get a glimpse into the world of possessions for The Destruction Company that will turn into your bait.

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