Vivos Provides Economy Doomsday Bunkers for Under $10,000

There are innumerable end of the world prophecies. If you calculate the odds mathematically I guess the chances do exist and it is a distinct possibility. Vivos CEO Robert Vicino has turned this paranoia into a business opportunity. He had first launched a luxury $35,000 bunker to a fairly positive response from those who are scared about crazy life extinction events. Now Vivos has taken upon itself to to provide an opportunity to the less affluent to survive the doomsday by launching economy class shelters for under $10,000.

The California based company offers you protection from killer comets, super volcanoes, pole shift, nuclear war, global tsunamis and more for just $9,950. These doomsday bunkers are not as luxurious as their previous offer but what is of primary importance is that they offer protection when you will most need it. Not only will you survive the world ending, but you’ll do so with a community, since members of Vivos sign on for space in these city-like shelters offering everything from bakeries to pet kennels.

Robert Vicino has created underground shelters in Nebraska. He hasn’t explained why he chose Nebraska for creating the safe havens. There is no reason to believe that Nebraska is safer than other places. His new economy class shelter is called the Vivos 1,000. It does not have the frills he has provided in the high end shelters but it can accommodate 1,000 people inside a 100,000-square-foot shelter that can withstand a 20-megaton nuclear blast within six miles. If you are scared, it is the deal for you. You need to deposit $2,500 to secure a room in the shelter. The economy-sized bunkers only sustain autonomous life for sixth months, while the luxury models promise a full year of living.

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