Best Ten Luxury Yacht Concepts With Potential to Meet Reality

The market for luxury super yachts have been somewhat saturated and had faced very tough times when the consumer spending was down due to the recession. But the market conditions are becoming positive and the overall outlook is good with a promise of a bright future. Some of the top designers in the field of yacht design and naval architecture have been working on some bold and dramatic design that will bring something new to the yachting world. We have listed below the top ten daring concepts of superyachts who have the potential to become reality in the near future as they add considerable value to the existing designs of superyachts.


1) Designer Carlo Cafiero’s latest 90-meter superyacht concept with colorful palette

Italian designer Carlo Cafiero has made an impression in the field of yacht design with his colorful and striking yacht designs. Lately his yachts are growing longer and bigger. After his 80 meter superyacht he is working on a new 90-meter luxury yacht concept with sleek and colorful silhouette. The motor yacht will have an aluminum superstructure as well as hull and orange colored polyurethane wings on its sides in Carlo Cafiero’s signature style. This is a super luxury yacht for 30 guests with a Jacuzzi and sun lounge along with a retractable helipad in the bow, and a swimming pool at the back.


2) Cafiero 80-meter superyacht is an oceangoing Lamborghini

Carlo Cafiero is collaborating with the TechMarine shipyard on a sporty 80-meter superyacht concept. The concept has been called an oceangoing Lamborghini. The Cafiero 80M superyacht concept has an elegant design steel and light alloy aluminum hull and two Caterpillar 3516 hp engines. The superyacht with four decks can accommodate 30 guests. The design that conveys a sense of aggressiveness provides for a sea level swimming pool along with a retractable helipad in the bow.

3) The 100m Phoenicia Superyacht Design By Igor Lobanov

Phoenicia by Igor Lobanov is a modern design with various historical influences. The concept is an over 100 meter superyacht with plenty of open deck space. It would perhaps be the only sailing yacht to feature a helipad. An open deck with a pattern design surrounds the entire length of the yacht. The Greek influence is evident in the yacht and it gives it the look of an ancient royal ship. The name Phoenicia is also symbolic and significant as it was the Phoenicians who served as a link between East and West, between modern Muslim and Christian cultures.

4) Alex McDiarmid unveils design concept for 46m superyacht

Alex McDiarmid the British designer has become very bold. He is attempting to combine diverse design elements and influences in his latest design concept. It is going to be a 46 meter sports superyacht. It will combine the architectural and design influences from the Sydney Opera House, Origami and Car design. The end result will be a dramatic superyacht with an aluminum superstructure and hull. It will be agile and capable of high speed. The yacht will provide generous accommodation for 12 guests, an open plan salon, bar and dining area for the guests.

5)  Super Yacht Concept  by Gary John

The key element of the superyacht concept by Gary John is the roof which sets this yacht apart from its competition. It has a curvy roof which is most unusual for a yacht. There is a clear glass dividing the inside from the outside. The lounge area has been placed at the stern. There is a generous use of cedar wood in the interiors that gives it a sophisticated look. The deck also comes caked with burnt cedar and has a chamfer finish. The sumptuous design and the unique roof and look of the yacht make it a dream you would like to possess.

6) Black Swan Concept Super Yacht

Black Swan is a super luxury yacht designed by Timur Bozca. This concept yacht is attempting to redefine the experience of travelling by sea. Its style, luxury and state of the art technology all add to the supreme experience in travelling. The aerodynamic design of the body gives it a distinctive look and adds to its speed. It is not just the exterior which is captivating but the interiors are also endowed with opulence, style and comfort. The yacht can accommodate up to 18 staff members and 12 guests, at any given time. The yacht has a cruising speed of 20 knots and a top speed of 28 knots.

7) Project Freedom: New Superyacht Concept By Espen Oeino And SuperYachtsMonaco

Ruea Yachts is the largest builder of yachts in Asia. They have teamed up with Design Unlimited and BMT Nigel Gee to come up with a new design for a 75 meter superyacht. All the three partners in the collaboration are at the top of their field of work. This new design is optimized for deep-water excursions. The outside spaces have been integrated very well with the living spaces. One of the luxuries that are included with this 75-meter design concept is the retractable heli-pad, which can retract to the dedicated hanger bay.

8) YachtPlus 40 “Signature Series” – A floating modern architecture

Lord Norman Foster hopes to create ripples in the saturated market of luxury yachts with his 40”Signature Series”. It hopes to attract a new generation of yacht owner. The concept design offers maximum privacy, uber-comfort and optimum usage of space onboard a motor yacht. The four deck boat has a total length of 41 meters. Foster has worked well on details and managed to provide more deck space and interior comfort than any equivalent yacht of her size. The new concept yacht by Foster combines perfectly beauty, function and luxury.

9) Strand Craft 122 super yacht comes with supercar and in-boat garage to hold it

Strand Craft 122 is the concept of a powerful yacht that comes with a powerful car. This design of the ultra powerful yacht comes with an integrated garage in the stern that houses an 880-horsepower V12-powered supercar. The details of the car are not available as yet but the designers say that it is capable of traveling at speeds of over 230 miles an hour. The yacht would be powered with twin Rolls Royce engines along with an optional booster engine. The yacht would be capable of achieving top speed of 55 knots.

10) Sang Bleu yacht concept seems like Bugatti Veyron’s Star Wars buddy

Ben Walsh, the graduate from Royal College of Arts had established his credentials as the lead designer of the Cadillac Converi concept. He has now come out with another masterpiece, a design for a futuristic speed boat concept. The mindboggling new design has been inspired by the Bugatti Veyron Sang Bleu edition. The styling from behind is typical Bugatti Veyron. The single propeller would be powered by the Veyron’s massive 1000 horsepower, quad turbo W16 powerhouse. This 30 foot monster sure pushes the boundaries of modern auto design.

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