Exotac Titanium Water Bottle is Light, Tough, Cool and Versatile

Exotac has made a name for itself for creating superior products out of items of everyday use. There TiBottle is another one in that series. If you had to describe it in one word, it would be awesome. It is a titanium water bottle and is the coolest container of its type. It is made from 100% Grade 2 titanium. Three separate pieces are welded together to create the bottle. Its net weight when empty is next to nothing. The exterior of the bottle is bead blasted to achieve a satin finish that looks extremely sleek and makes the bottle grip able.

The logo on the bottle comes in two finishes, mirrored or a sandblasted subdued finish. The bottle comes in only one size that contains 650ml of liquid. The weight of the bottle including the cap is 4 oz. The bottle has a diameter of 2.8 inches and the height varies as per the cap you choose. It is 10.4 inches high if you go for a plastic cap but only 9.3 inches high if you choose the titanium cap. The caps feature an o-ring to keep the liquid safely inside the bottle and a d-ring to clip the bottle to your pack for easy transportation.

One of the highlights of the TiBottle is its ability to heat up liquids over a heat source without any damage to the bottle. You can boil water on a kitchen stove top or even make coffee. This tough water bottle is a lifelong product but is pricey for a water bottle. It will retail in the price range of $75 to $85. If you ever plan to rough it out with a backpack this ultra durable product is a must have for you. It’s not just tough but cool and good looking and versatile in its use. It is somewhat expensive but highly recommended.

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