Condé Nast India Unveils Corporate Campaign to Establish Itself With a Luxury Touch

Vogue, GQ and Condé Nast Traveller target the wealthy in India and they now plan to launch their corporate campaign. The Vogue, GQ and Condé Nast Traveller are all part of Condé Nast India. Condé Nast India Managing Director Alex Kuruvilla reveals that the company has been particularly successful in India and Agnello Dias, chairman and co-founder of Taproot has created an ad campaign that would make use of statistics, and cues from printing, distribution, marketing and editorial processes to establish the brand further in the corporate world.

Conde Nast has an audience of more than 1 million and that really is quite an achievement if you asked me. The magazine was essentially considered superficial when it entered the Indian market but now it has gained the respect it deserves and the idea is to make sure that the company promotes itself and also joins the bandwagon of Indian honchos.

The growing affluence and the ability to spend money has resulted in situation where in people would certainly want to read through editorial content in order to understand the dynamics of the luxury world. Conde Nast India now plans to establish itself as a leader in India in the field of luxury content and editorials. I would say, it is a smart decision as corporate campaigns are as important as ad campaigns. The luxury journey in India is a really difficult one, considering how the nation is not really what it seems to be and affluence is just a veneer that shines while inadequacy rules the roost.

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