The Top Trends In Billionaires’ Luxury Vacations

The days of cutting back are slowly making way for spending lavishly once again. This trend is well reflected in the luxury vacation plans of the super rich. The American Affluence Research Center has found that 35 percent and 31 percent of the richest households in the US are planning to spend more on vacations within the country and abroad respectively.

Of course, the richest Americans do not plan luxury vacations like the rest of us. Rather than browse online travel sites, they call a concierge service to plan their vacation. Thus, people like New York travel advisor Bill Fischer charge a packet for their services with initiation rates of $100,000 and annual fees of $25,000. The luxury vacations that they plan are lavish, exciting, unique and hassle-free. Here is a look at some of the top trends in billionaire vacations.

Avoiding The Airport

If you are a billionaire, you will do whatever it takes to avoid the long queues, security hassles and unnecessary delays at the airport. The best way to do that is by booking a private jet. If a private jet is not available, the billionaire class is met by a travel professional who cuts down on customs and diplomatic queues and expedites the whole arrival or departure process at the airport. This service may cost between $200 and $500 but saves time and a lot of hassle.

Travelling With Family

High-volume travel agent network Virtuoso’s January survey predicted “family and multi-generational travel would be among the top travel trends this year. Given that sometimes four generations travel together, reserving multiple rooms in luxury hotels is no mean feat. Often, a three or four-bedroom suite is not enough. That is why high-end travel agents have been providing a lot of private island vacations where space is not at such a premium. When there is an option, family groups are booked into luxury villas attached to luxury hotels – which provides privacy and all the conveniences of a five-star accommodation.

Maintaining Exclusivity And Privacy

When you are a billionaire, escaping the public eye can be a task. Guests seeking privacy are forced to avoid well-known hotels. And even then, there have to keep a back-up plan ready, in case folks get inquisitive. That is why luxury vacations on private islands are gaining in popularity. An interesting new concept, also, is the Alessandro Rosso Group’s “one-room hotels” in some of the world’s biggest cities, which offers personalized butler service and all comforts of a luxury hotel minus the prying eyes.

Unique Vacations

If you are spending a packet on a luxury vacation, why take the tried-and-tested route. These days, more billionaires are looking for one-of-a-kind vacation deals – from swimming with sharks and dining at the home of a master chef to enjoying a private performance by singer Andrea Bocelli and attending the Monte Carlo Grand Prix.

Ensuring Security

Billionaires have the added headache of requiring security. While travelling, the security risk heightens, so some travel companies provide special security for these super rich travelers. The security personnel employed by Fisher, for instance, are often ex-CIA. Sometimes, police escorts and bullet-proof cars are provided. And sometimes, doctors are sent along as well.

Travel To Any Corner Of The Globe

While Europe may top the list among billionaire luxury vacations, clients often seek to visit remote areas of the world, sometimes deciding on a destination at the very last-minute. While Africa is ideal for safaris, the beaches of Fiji and Bali continue to be popular, as do places like Morocco, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. For the indecisive billionaires, a cruise vacation is the best bet. And it rarely gets as lavish as the 644-foot yacht, The World, which takes travelers on a longer-than-usual trip around the world.

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