The $61,400 Gold Edition Mobile Phone from The Æ+Y

In the beginning of the month of May this year, one of the lesser known companies in the field of luxury phones, Æsir, a Copenhagen based designer company brought to the world a rather different kind of luxury mobile phone in the form of the all-new Æ+Y. Founded in the year 2007, Æsir is the brainchild of Thomas Moller Jensen, who set out to create a startling handset that even without diamonds and sapphires can just be as bedazzling as other luxury phones. The Æ+Y features an 18 carat solid yellow gold 3N keypad  and the handset’s back plate as well as the side plates are also crafted in gold. As far as the technical specs are concerned, the Æ+Y is pretty much your run of the mill ‘dumb phone’, good only for making calls and texts. The idea behind this rather unusual handset was to create a phone that even without cutting edge features can create its own aura simply by its looks. Æsir will be introducing this incredible new handset in Europe and Hong Kong in summer this year. The handset will be launched in two variations, one being a stainless steel model, while the other one will an 18-carat gold edition, while both the models will come with sapphire crystal lens with ARdur coating.

The Æ+Y luxury phone takes up to an astonishing 20 weeks for the development of a single model, where in 17 weeks are invested in the designing of the sapphire crystal screen and thus Æsir will be introducing only 50 models of the gold edition for the year 2011. Even with such exquisite metals and high level of detailing, the company boats of a ten year shelf life for the Æ+Y handset. The body of the handset is bolted in its place with custom designed metal microscrews that are known to have longer durability than the conventional plastic screws. The Æ+Y stainless steel variant will come with a price tag of $10,600, while the Gold Edition will carry a price tag of a whopping $61,400. While the Æ+Y handset lacks considerably in terms of technological features, the company has more than made up for it with its craftsmanship. The handset is exclusively designed by expert artisans from various fields and Æsir has even enlisted the famous Danish-Vietnamese jazz musician Chris Minh Dorky to create melodious ringtones for the handset.

To further enhance the exclusivity of the Æ+Y luxury phone, Æsir has announced that company will provide its consumers with complimentary service for the handsets and the phone will be taken in for service after a two year period.

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