Hilton and Marriot Look for Partnerships Outside Hotel Industry

Marriott International announced “strategic partnerships” with Christie’s; Tumi; Keri Glassman, a nutritionist; Aromatherapy Associates; and Treasury Wine Estates in order to create a revolution of sorts, if you asked me. The idea is to deliver an experience that reaches far beyond what it has to for the person who has to spend money. JW Marriott hotels worldwide would now see the change because of the association with other industries.

The same way, Hilton International announced a ‘luxury manifesto’ which includes a Facebook page, signing deals with local leaders, promoting Waldorf Astoria and Conrad brands and many other things. Preston Robert Tisch Center for Hospitality, Tourism and Sports Management at New York University reveals that tie ups in the non traditional mediums might help hotels to come together and reach out to other businesses and thus make profits when it is required. However, both Hilton and Marriot are keen not to look like Marie Antoinette by promoting themselves while the industry is suffering. That would make them look not only opportunistic but their brand value might go down.

Nevertheless, the changes would surely help the visitors to these hotels, and they would be better prepared to handle changes within the hotel industry itself. So let us just wait and watch what might happen with these new partnerships. One must not be too judgmental about these partnerships as the elite hotels need to look for other ways to promote themselves and if that means signing deals with new companies, they might just have to do it!

Via: NY Times

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