Working from Home Gets More Luxurious thanks to Archipod

The Archipod is a new trend and concept, in backyard office design, and it is just great! Just walking a few steps to your work place, allows you to get away from the house without really getting away from the home and saves you travelling to and from traffic  inconvenience, space rentals, inconvenience of the building, and bureaucracy. For office workers Archipod is an alternative workplace, with an idea to be a part of the garden landscape right at home. The unique office is of 3m diameter sphere, which is fabricated in sections,  and allows you to carry from the house to garden, immaterial of where you live.

The doom consists of, electric heat, natural light power outlets, and ventilation. The unique shape, and light from the roof of the dome, makes look bigger inside than the outside. Archipod’s director says that all you need is to prepare ground with crushed stones to get the electrical supply by the electrician. No permission is needed, but it is better to get confirmed by the planning department. The glorified shed, looks modern, available in six sizes is very easy to install.

The pod eco-space is a backyard office, and the mood elevating environment in the garden would make a great place, and get the built-in ergonomic desk to your garden office . It helps you to work peacefully removing the tie between home and work. This multi faceted doom can be converted from home office into a recording studio or a luxurious playroom for children. This handcrafted pod’s starting price approximately£15,000, and will be delivered in six to eight weeks.

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