Vondom Designs Glowing Patio Furniture

Patio furniture is a must-buy for individuals who love hosting little intimate get-togethers outdoors. A chic set of outdoor furniture can really set the mood for a cozy day of light-hearted conversation and food. A fine example of patio furniture is the Pillow collection from Vondom. The home décor and illumination expert brought designer Stefano Giovannoni onboard to create the glowing Pillow collection.

This line of patio seaters are clearly inspired by pillows. However, they consist of seats and tables that promise a lounge-like ambience, that is sure to make your guests feel right at home. At the same time, this set of furniture from Vondom is not just another table-and-chair set. The Pillow collection does not merely sit under the starlit sky. It actually glows in the dark as well, providing sufficient illumination even after the sun goes down.

This brilliant set that consists of chair, pouf, table and flowerpot units, appears at its exquisite best whenever it is lit up. But do not let that lead you to the assumption that this set from Vondom is as good as regular furniture when the lights are off. On the contract, the Pillow collection that has been designed by Stefano Giovaannoni is sure to become a conversation starter irrespective of what its state of illumination may be.

With the Pillow collection from Vondom flanking your in-house swimming pool, poolside lounging will never be the same again. If you do not have a pool, stick this new-age collection on a terrace, or use it to remodel your home. Such chic and contemporary furniture can be trusted to cause a transformation in any case.

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