Vito Selma’s Paisley Chair Is A Romantic Addition To Any Home

Vito Selma is a young furniture designer who crafts some incredibly beautiful wood furniture. This designer from Philippines regards each of his pieces as works of art. When you look closely, you realize that his creations are indeed, nothing less.

The Paisley Chair is a fine example of how Selma takes something common and transforms it into a work of art. The Paisley Chair may get its name from the paisley pattern, which is common in Indian and Persian designs. However, the paisley print is just an inspiration. The droplet-shaped vegetable motif does not appear in its usual pattern. Rather, Selma has designed the chair to resemble the motif. Thus, the chair curves in and out beautifully, stunning onlookers with its effortless fluidity.

Set on what appears to be stainless steel legs, Velma’s Paisley Chairs bring a touch of relaxed, unpretentious style to any home. The designs are light, minimalist and beautiful. Scatter them around your living space, or set them up in your backyard to create a cozy, intimate ambience.

Selma himself appears to have been inspired by his “first girl”, who would sit by the breakwater, “brown shoulders curving in the sun; white frills of a hiked-up Sunday dress gathered at the knees, a wide-brimmed hat falling in soft folds over her face.” In Velma’s words, her silhouette recurs in many of his works. Yet, romantically enough, he never even knew her name.

For many romantics, that could be reason enough to buy this beautiful chair that is available in a variety of romantic hues. This could be just the thing you need to complement that romantic crystal collection.


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