Cartier Logotype Decor USB Key Costs as Much as the iPad

If it is Cartier it must be expensive. They don’t make the luxury gadgets themselves but design luxurious accessories that cost more than the gadget itself. Cartier doesn’t make the iPad but they have designed cases for it that cost as much. But they do have a fan base who love their designs and are willing to pay almost anything for it so why should we complaint. Now they have created another accessory for the iPad which costs even more. It is the Cartier Logotype Decor USB Key and it has been priced at an astounding $800.

No, it is not the greatest USB but a routine device with only 4GB capacity. But then why is it priced so steeply? It is a Cartier creation, silly and because it is a luxurious USB. It is a limited edition creation that boasts of a palladium finish with black lacquer. You will be disappointed if you were expecting gold and diamond in a $800 device. It is perhaps one of the most expensive USB keys you will ever find, so enjoy it while you can. No doubt it looks very smart as the designers have used their creative skills to design it.

But I have a suggestion to make to the designers at Cartier. If they are creating something which will end up being amongst the most expensive in its category then they must work on the best in that category. If they are selling a USB key for $800 the least they could have done was to pick up the USB with the largest storage capacity. I am sure it wouldn’t have affected their pricing structure. And an advice for the user, don’t ever leave this USB in someone else’s computer.

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