HASSEL Designs Australian High Speed Vehicle To Ease Congestion In Aussie Cities

I can guarantee that you will have never seen a train like this, except maybe in the odd futurist movie. It is sleek, minimalist, modern, and reeks of space age chic. International design firm HASSEL came up with the concept for this sleek Australian High Speed Vehicle (A-HSV), which promises high speed travel in great style.

For HASSEL’s new concept luxury train its designers sought inspiration from the 1960s Australian Monaro coupe, which was known for its brilliant styling. It may not be clear from the photograph above, but the A-HSV is a double-decker train. From the outside it resembles a very futurist bullet train. But from the inside it is a whole other story.

The A-HSV is surprisingly spacious inside. Gone are the straight-backed individual chairs. Instead, there is open seating and plenty of space in which to move around. In addition, the A-HSV houses a beautiful dining space and a convenience store. Plus, once this high speed vehicle is up and running, busy professionals will no longer have to worry about not reaching a meeting venue on time. The train actually offers private areas for meetings.

In addition to all this, the A-HSV is also a low-carbon transport mode. Apparently, while the average plane produces 17kg of carbon dioxide and some cars produce 14kg of carbon dioxide, the A-HSV emits only 4kg of the same.

The thought behind designing the A-HSV lay in creating a mode of transport that offers shorter travel times, is more eco-friendly, and reduces dependence on air and private vehicles. It is believed that once trains like the A-HSV start running, traffic congestion in Australian cities will drop considerably.

Via: Yanko Design

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