The Singing Bird Pistol, Engineering Marvel from 19th Century Valued at $5.8 Million

The details that have gone into crafting the ‘Singing Bird Pistol’ are simply astonishing. You are doubly impressed when you realize that it is not just old but was created in early nineteenth century sometime around 1820. It reaffirms your faith in the toys made in old times. You are amazed at the dedicated effort that must have gone into perfecting the musical pistol. Frankly, even an Xbox 360 seems pedestrian in front of this unique creation. And you are literally bowled over when you realize that when the unique toy was made the resources and the technology available must have been very basic and rudimentary at best.

The toy pistol is adorned with pearl and diamond. And it can be yours if you can come up with an estimated $5.8 million. Yes you heard it right, that’s its estimated value as it is one of those rarest of rare pieces that cannot be found at a garage sale anymore. It is creation of the craftsmen from Frères Rochat, a 19th century workshop in Geneva, Switzerland. A modern toy gun looks very simple if you compare it with the engineering involved in crafting a Singing Bird Pistol. There are hundreds of screws, wheels and levers that have gone into creating what might be called a perfect toy.

The impact of the pistol is remarkable. When you press its trigger its mechanism gets activated and a tiny bird made from real bird feathers pops out of the barrel with its wings flapping and starts singing. What impresses you more is its size. It may not have been so impressive if it was a regular size pistol. This is a small toy and must have required extreme patience on the part of the craftsmen simply to put the entire complicated mechanism in the small and beautiful gold body. What adds to the value of this toy pistol is fact that only four other Singing Bird Pistols are known to exist and all of them are with museums with practically no chance of ever coming up for sale. This is no doubt a priceless Singing Bird Pistol.

Via: dvice, technabob, thegoldensmith.blogspot

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