Wooden Huts and Remodeled Caravans become the Hüttenpalast Boutique Hotel in Berlin

A new concept is always exciting just because it is different. Though, it catches on as a trend only if it is practicable and better than the existing systems. Hüttenpalast in Berlin is definitely a new concept for a boutique hotel. Founded by Silke Lorenzen and Sarah Vollmer, the new boutique hotel is a converted, unused factory space where vacuum cleaners used to be made. With no major architectural changes the factory space has been converted into a budget boutique hotel. The name of the hotel translated into English means hut palace and the hotel literally has huts and mobile home caravans for rooms.

The caravans being used in the hotel has been beautifully remodeled. The bathrooms have been done up luxuriously. Since all the rooms are in a hall the guests can socialize with each other. It is not impersonal like a standard chain hotel. The best part is that the hotel is located in the heart of the vibrant city. The founders, when they came across the old unused factory in Hobrechtstraße, they simply fell in love with it and wanted to put it to some use. They decided to convert it into a hotel but without destroying the great architecture.

They started the design process by thinking in terms of a room in room concept. They wanted to build little huts in the hall. To keep the internal layout flexible they thought of putting wheels under the huts and then it struck them that it would be so much more practical and convenient to use caravans instead. The hotel now has three whitewashed caravans and three wooden huts for guests. There is a garden also which is connected to the accommodation area. There is a Café that serves breakfast and some seasonal fares and homemade cakes. The rates at 30 euros per person for a night is very reasonable and provides a unique experience that makes you look at Berlin in a new light.

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