ModVic Recreates Boring Contemporary Houses In a Steampunk Manner

There is nothing better than living in a castle that is surrounded by moors, and gothic landscapes, graves and gloomy foggy weather. However, if you cannot find yourself in a place like that, you could get one of the modders to build a house for you that looks at least like that from the inside. While gothic mansions are very difficult to recreate, there are many who also like Steampunk stuff. According to me, Steampunk isn’t very boring, though it is sometimes confused with geeky stuff.

It is all about the Industrial Age, Victorian Era, metals and a vintage design that would tell you that the future of human race is not going to be easy. It is more of a philosophy than an art form. Bruce and Melanie Rosenbaum have created a firm called ModVic and they mashup modern and Victorian designs. They love Steampunk designs well enough to mod houses that are Steampunk in nature. You can take a look at the video below and see how ModVic recreates boring modern houses in a Steampunk fashion.

They would restore old ovens, old tables, old gadgets and do some designing bit and then put it in your house to create the Steampunk look. I should say it is a rather interesting way to mod your house, and I do think you should go ahead and contact the duo to create a Steampunk house for yourself. Go ahead, and get this done, otherwise you would really look stupid to a fake blonde like me.

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