Karen Ryan Reveals the Darker Truths of Domestic Life Through China Art

We all know that life is not all peaches and cream. Domestic lives are filled with hate, lies, fear, hurt, and hit. Sometimes, there is mask of love too, which is usually fake. Thus, domestic lives are almost always fake in nature and can be quite sad for those who are involved in domestic abuses and fights. Karen Ryan is a British designer who understands this truth and she has designed plates that reveal the darker shades of domestic lives. The idea is, she gets pre-owned porcelain plates, and then removes the decorative patterns in such a manner as to reveal all the truths that hide behind the veneer of a happy domestic life, represented by these china plates.

All the truths of the domestic lives which hide behind the veneer like hate, lies, hurt, being hit physically, fear and the mask of love under which all these abuses are hidden are explicitly revealed by removing the embellishments from domestic porcelain china, which represents the fake domestic relationships, and the decorations represent the embellishments that the society gives to family life.

The art that she creates by scrapping of these decorative elements from the plates reveal the truths about domestic lives. I really love these plates, and can certainly understand what Karen was thinking when she designed these beautiful, yet dark pieces of art. In other words, dark domestic art. There is no information about how  much these plates cost, but you could try and contact the designer for further information.

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