ArchPort YogiStash Flip Flops: Unique Footwear With Hidden Storage

There are lot of lot of options for carrying your bare essentials when moving around but we are pretty sure you must have never seen something like the ArchPort Flip Flops that comes with hidden storage. O in case you’re wearing clothes that don’t have pockets, these flip flops will come extremely handy to stash away lost keys, cash and credit cards without the fear of they getting lost. These flip flops are also called YogiStash slippers for they were originally designed for yoga trips.

With these flip flops around, you wont have to carry a separate purse or pouch to carry your things like credit cards, keys and cash. The storage space can mostly accommodate only flat stuff so if there is anything more bulky that you want to carry, you’ll have to look for some other alternative. There is a stash compartment just under the arch. These are perfect to keep your hands unoccupied when on cruises or near poolside or simply when walking the boardwalk. There is also a nylon wallet clip which can hold several credit-card-sized items and a key.

More so it is also made up of synthetic water resistant materials and this makes it perfect for beach and poolside environments. There is a thick sole that delivers outstanding arch support and stability, while the use the light polyurethane material makes it pretty light-weighted. Then there is the soft cushioned lining which contributes to enhanced comfort and whatever is stashed down below will not come up and prick your feet. It is available in color choices of blue and gray for a price of $54.95.

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