Denver-based Investor Charles Gallagher Is Crazy to Sell Cakewalk at Even $215 million

Denver-based investor Charles Gallagher is known for his affluence and the way he spends money on some of the most expensive products in the world. This time around, the talk is all about his yacht, and that too, what a yacht! He is selling his megayacht called the Cakewalk, which measures almost 281 feet. It is the largest American luxury yacht built since the 1930s, and it is also one of the most opulent. Right now, you could find the Cakewalk listed at Burgess at $215 million.

The value is more than what its real cost is calculated to be. The yacht comes with all the usual features that you could expect in such vessels like spa, lounge, theatre and gym. There are also beautiful murals and decorations that could make your eyes pop out. Some of the cooler stuff that the megayacht features are bar, loungers, sunshades and a whirlpool spa.

I would say, you should be crazy not to buy a yacht like this if you have the money. I also think you would be crazier to sell a yacht like this, if you already own it. This means, that I imply that Charles is truly crazy to have thought of selling and parting with this beauty which is almost an art piece in itself. You could also take a look at the Luxury Yacht that we had written about recently. Or, read about how the Duke and Duchess hired a yacht to cruise around. So go ahead, and dream about cruising in these yachts.

Via: Business Insider

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