Standard Hotels Finally Taps the Aviation Market with the Launch of StndAir

The Standard Hotels have well diversified portfolio of businesses that complement their core hotel business. They have gone about it very systematically and have built an empire. They have created a chain of some of the swankiest hotels around the world. But they have not rested on their laurels or relaxed. They have added art galleries and shopping centers to grow into an empire in the true sense of the word.

Looking at their business empire it seemed very logical for the brand to tap into the aviation market. Hotels, though in the hospitality segment is an integral part of the travel industry and it makes a lot of sense to extend a hotel brand into the aviation sector as you have the advantage of a captive market in the form of your hotel guests. The Standard Hotel has also done this forward integration by launching StndAir with a new seaplane. It’s a timely decision on the part of the hotel brand as it complements very well with their offerings to their guests.

The StndAir seaplane will operate generally on the New York City East Hampton sector. It is perfect for hopping over from the Standard New York to Sunset Beach beating the peak weekend traffic. The plane will fly on this route as a scheduled flight but the 8 seat Cessna can be chartered if you want go anywhere else. The only limitation is that the destination must be within a 300 mile radius of New York City. The seaplane is not for the exclusive use of the hotel guests but is open to use by non guests as well. The eight-seat Cessna is perfect for family vacations, and its 300-mile radius travel option makes your travel itinerary a flexible one.

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