China’s Most Expensive Flat is Worth $46.2 Million

China has recently lifted wraps off what it calls it to be the far most expensive apartment ever built in the country. When talking about the most-expensive lineup, an apartment seldom runs through our mind, for we quickly transport ourselves to a world of mansions and other elite properties. Anyway, the Chinese luxury penthouse that we are talking about here is spread over an area of more than 1000 sq m and is retailing at a price of Rmb300,000 per sq m i.e. Rmb300m ($46.2m) in total.

The elite apartment here is seated right next to Diaoyutai State Guest House, the official compound in western Bejing where Madame Mao and the other members of the ultra-leftist “Gang of Four” had earlier established their headquarters during the upheaval of the Cultural Revolution. So apart from enjoying the status of living in China’s most expensive apartment, you also get to live a piece of history here.

The Diaoyutai Compounds is open to all and any western corporation with enough cash is allowed to rent a villa and use it for their own events. The price tag here might make you look for other realty options like a vacation house or a nice island with decent climate and clean air. To justify its worth, the property spokesman said that the historic location, the furnishing and the subtle detailing is what makes this place pricey and sought-after. The car-parks in this compound are selling for Rmb45000 per sq m. As of now, this one has not been bought over so if you are looking to make some luxury investment in China, this could be your deal-breaker.

Via: FinancialTimesBlog

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