W Hotels iPhone App Enables you to Order Room Service and Provides a Fresh Collection of Music

W Hotels, even the name is different and unusual for an international chain of luxury hotels. The chain has been expanding and consolidating its position globally and keeps popping up with regularity in urban and resort areas in almost every region of the world. It’s not just their name that is different and unusual but they like doing things differently that sets them apart from other international chains. They have recently unveiled a new W Hotels iPhone app and here again they have made it differently than other hotel chains or any one else in the luxury travel industry.

The app obviously has the basic functions that are required by a guest in a hotel. You can book a hotel at any location, check local weather, and find special insider information and deals. These are the basic functions of any app developed by a hotel chain for its guests. It is the extras and the add ons that differentiates the W Hotel iPhone app from the rest. This app allows the guest to order room service. It can even be used to get other things delivered to the room.

This is a great convenience for any guest at a hotel. But there is more to the new app. The W Hotel iPhone app features specially curated musical selection by the brand’s Global Music Director, Michaelangelo L’Acqua, featuring emerging new talent and the best DJ mixes found anywhere. This collection is not the routine elevator music but fresh music collected from all over the world. This app also reinforces the hip image of the W Hotels. The app is free and you can try it right away. I am sure you will like it immensely and recommend it to others.

Via: chipchick, itunes.apple

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