Voila Studio Drops C from Chandelier to Launch Hand Shaped Lighting Collection

Voila Studio, based in Los Angeles, California is known for creating bespoke works of art. The latest from their creative design team is called Handelier. The name is their own creation too, as they have dropped the C from chandelier to name their new creation. Their new creation is a collection of light fittings that bear the shape of a human hand. This is an original design from the studio but can be customized as per your requirement and taste. It is not just a light fitting but an objets d’art that can add another dimension to your room.

The design team and the master craftsmen at the Voila Studio regularly create original designs of objet d’art that can be customized for private clients and produced in different sizes to suit the needs of the buyer. The Handelier is the light fitting that is shaped like a bunch of downward facing hands and is crafted from antique aluminum glove moulds. Edison light bulbs have been fitted inside the mould and the moulds have been perforated so that light can pass through to illuminate the space around the light fitting.

The Voila Studio offers various options for customization of the design. The design can be reworked fully according to individual specifications. You will have to account for a lead time of four weeks for custom creation of your design. Handelier carries a price tag of $3.160. It is a unique creation which is vintage, novel and creative at the same time. The hand collection has other pieces like a standing light fixture, a desk lamp and a sconce or wall lamp. The handelier has a masculine appeal that makes it perfect for your entertainment quarter, study or a bachelor pad. You can check it out in detail and even place your orders on the Voila Gallery.

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