Hasselblad Introduces The All New H4D-200MS Digital Camera For That Professional Still Shot

One of the foremost names in digital photography and the world renowned camera manufacturer, Hasselblad, has now introduced a phenomenal new camera that has been designed and developed to provide the professional photographers with a tool to take the perfect still shot. We are talking about the all new Hasselblad H4D-200MS Digital Camera, a cutting edge creation that allows you to take still shots in the highest possible detail, even further than the highest standard resolution. This marvelous new digital camera features a 50MP lens that has been intricately fused with the state of the art multi-shot technology devised by Hasselblad, that combines six different shots  rolled into one, thus making H4D-200MS the most suitable for still photographs such as photo shoots involving stationary objects including jewelry, watches, cars, and paintings.

The principle behind the multi shoot technology involves the delicate use of a piezoelectric motor that provides momentum to the camera’s image sensor and moves it as and when required each time before taking a shot. This in turn leads to multiple shots of a singular object that comes out as a combine single photograph, thereby leading to exceptional detail and clarity. The H4D-200MS features a significant 3 inch display for instant image preview and also comes with fully automatic Digital Lens Correction. Also, Hasselblad has incorporated this magnificent camera with its trademark Hasselblad Natural Color Solution and the consumers can even opt for a GPS variant. The all new  H4D-200MS digital camera from Hasselblad is available for purchase with a price tag of a significant $45,000.

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