Custom Made Grand Piano for $2,75,000 to Debut at Tempe Center for the Arts on August 1

Making, rather crafting a grand piano is a laborious process that not only takes time but requires the highest levels of skill. Michael Spreeman is the founder of Spreeman Piano Innovations and known for creating the best of Pianos that are not just easy to play but produce the clearest and pure sound. famous jazz musician and composer Bob Ravenscroft commissioned Spreeman to locate, redesign and rebuild a decommissioned grand piano way back in 1992. Later in 2004 Michael founded a company in 2004 and named it in honor of Ravenscroft.

Michael Spreeman’s custom Ravenscroft pianos are renowned the world over. They often take years to build and perfect and today Michael is one of the world’s few custom piano makers. Right now he is working on a grand $275,000 custom made piano for the Tempe Center for the Arts. It is going to be the first of its kind made for a performance venue. The 9 foot, 1,200 pound grand piano is being crafted in Michael’s Scottsdale studio. The labor of love will take 1,000 man hours to complete and is scheduled to be launched on August 1.

The piano is being perfected to suit the acoustics of the art centre. Michael has hired a prototype of the venue to try out the piano and fine tune it to perfection. The wood and other components being used to make the piano has been imported from different parts of the world. Only titanium has been used to create parts for the piano substituting cheaper metals to optimize the sound quality. The artists who have had the opportunity to try the piano are highly impressed. They do realize that it is an uber piano that produces luscious sounds.

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