Harvard Business School Graduates Launch Poshling, a Luxury Sample Sale Site

The trend of flash sales site is refusing to peak but continues to expand and grow. The market has become very crowded and yet the concept is still attracting all sorts of players who are willing to take the plunge. They all try and fine tune the concept to project themselves as a different platform and not part of the clutter. There must be a lot of potential in the market as venture capitalists are also coming forward to fund the entrepreneurs who want to take the plunge. Poshling is the latest luxury private sale site on the market.

This brand new site which has officially been launched is meant for moms and babies. The founders are trained professionals. Harvard Business School graduates, Leah Tucker and Sonali Mathur are the co-founders of this new site. You must visit the site if you are looking for the best in childrenwear at affordable prices. Harper’s Bazaar has taken notice of the site and given them a favorable mention in a recent issue. They have quoted Tucker as saying that they are not moms as yet but are starting to move in that direction. They have roped in Sarah Elliot as External Relations Director who has a background of merchandising with Louis Vuitton.

The site is operating in beta for the last couple of months and is limited to the HBS community and other professional schools. It gives the designers access to an attractive demographic of moms who are either Harvard alums or connected to that community. This is how the rollout of Facebook started. If that is the yardstick, then the new site Poshling definitely has a bright future ahead. The greatest thing about the new site is that the visitors have the freedom to nominate the designers of their choice and then those brands are offered at incredibly discounted prices. You can view this week’s sales that include Baby CZ by Carolina Zapf, Belabumbum and Tom & Drew. Visit the site yourself and decide.

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