The Floating Frame Mantel Clock Is A Quirky Buy

If you happen to be looking for a designer clock that is completely out of the box, check out this line of Floating Frame Mantel Clocks that have been designed by Dutch artist Kiki van Eijk. Named “One More Time: Floating Frame Mantel Clocks”, these Eijk creations are built out of gold-plated metal wires. Eijk’s series of mantel clocks are available in 14 different variations and could provide a quirky twist to the luxury interiors of your home.

Eijk was invited by Moss Gallery to design this line of luxury clocks that have been created using ceramic and bent wire. If you love something that is light, these mantel clocks with skeletal frames are great to look at. And you can choose from a variety of metals and finishes. Among the various options are oxidized or shiny copper, anodized metals in a range of colors from red to blue to silver or even in gold-plated copper.

These mantel clocks are 13.3 inches long, 5.5 inches wide and 16 inches high. But none of this comes cheap. The lowest priced Floating Frame Mantel Clock is available for $2,500. But the prices go up to $4,200 for the gold-plated copper version. These clocks are available for sale on Moss Gallery’s website.

In the past Eijk has created some very interesting mantel clocks with clean lines and minimalist designs. Netherlands-based Eijk has plenty of design experience. The artist has designed interiors, played Art Director at exhibitions and showcases her designs at various galleries and museums.


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