Presenting The All New Transforming Chevillotte (Very)Table Pool Table

For those of you who are an avid fan of the addictive game of pool as well as home décor, Chevillotte has come out with a magnificent new product that will not only prove to be a brilliant feed for your insatiable pool appetite, but can also be used as a decorative piece of furniture in your living room. The all new Chevillotte (Very)Table Pool Table designed by Bernard Moïse, a graduate of the Advanced National School of Design and Industrial Creation, Paris, is a one of a kind pool table that as necessary can easily be transformed into a conventional dining table or a working desk. This magnificent new pool table accomplishes its stunning transformation through a simple mechanism, where in the rails beneath the table can be turned to change it from one variation to another. When this incredible table is converted in to its Pool mode, the ball return runners are immediately lowered down and as soon as it is transformed into the dining table mode, the ball return runners automatically retract inside the table.

This remarkable mechanisms helps the Chevillotte (Very)Table Pool Table measure just four inches in thickness, all the while carrying numerous parts inside such as a slate, billiard cushion rails and 16 billiard balls. The entire mechanism controlling this fabulous multi-purpose table is available in mostly available in manual mode, but can even be customized for automated operations. The Chevillotte (Very)Table Pool Table has been designed and developed using steel and composite materials, while adding luster to the table is the aluminum finish. Furthermore, the surface of this billiards table in its pool mode has been given cushion rubber for a less noisy and engaging experience. This incredible is available with a price tag of $20,278.

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