Amosu Couture Creates Apple Compatible Swarovski Crystal Headsets

Amosu Couture has been known to embellish iPhone, iPhone4 and Blackberry. They had turned the phones into glittering gadgets that you want to own because they look great. Now they have shifted their focus on another gadget. Amosu Couture presents the world’s first Swarovski Headset. The headset is made from pure silver and the entire surface is covered with a total of 200 magnificent dazzling Swarovski crystals. This new creation is similar to earlier works on phones by Amosu Couture, but the phones were done in a pinkish tone where as the headset is dazzling white.

The aim of creating such headsets with crystal details is primarily to standout of the crowd. If you enjoy attention, you are sure to attract it if you have one of these plugged into your ear. The Swarovski crystals don’t just brighten the headset but add shine to your life as well. Embellished and blinged gadgets like this headset make a statement and declare that you have arrived. Does it add to the sound quality? It is doubtful because it has been created out of standard equipment that would look bland without the crystal treatment.

Technical details and specifications haven’t been provided apart from the fact that it is compatible with all Apple products like iPod, iPhone and iPad. If you use it with non Apple gadgets the risk will be entirely yours. The diamond crystals will dazzle you enough to forget about any other specification. As expected this kind of luxurious embellishment comes at a price and the Amosu Apple Swarovski Diamond Crystal earphones costs you £499. This pair of headset is good enough to overshadow a diamond earring.

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