Vantage Yacht Club Partners With Groupon Targeting Lucrative Luxury Market

One of the premier and first of its kind private membership club, Vantage Yacht Club that provides its members with enticing fractional yacht ownership deals has now announced its partnership with Groupon, a shopping website that offers its members with some of the lucrative daily deals on a variety of local goods, services and cultural events, covering more than 500 markets all across the globe. As per the deal, Vantage Yacht Club will participate in a series of Groupon offered deals between May 19th to May 21st, 2011 that in the due course of time will then be joining the ‘Groupon Luxury Travel Channel’ targeting the booming luxury market. The President of Vantage Yacht Club, Jason De Palma came across Groupon culture during his tenure in the private jet sector and considering the anticipation in regards to the new Groupon channels, Vantage it seems understood the potential presented by Groupon.

This brilliant new deal between Vantage Yacht Club and Groupon will not provide the former’s members with more value for their money, but will also enable Vantage to reach to a wider audience and influence with its services and offers in the realm of luxury travel.

Vantage Yacht Club has already made great strides in the marine industry with two of its highly famous services, ‘Vantage Yacht Card’ and ‘Vantage Yacht Shares’, where in the club’s members are able to take fractional ownership of a yacht that can be selected from huge variety that is cataloged by Vantage. Each of the members get personalized offers that are designed and handpicked by the highly experienced staff of Vantage Yacht Club.

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