Middle East Based Airlines Offer Super Luxury On Board to Lure Rich Passengers

Just when most airlines operating from the West have started cutting costs and offering cheaper fare options to passengers, airlines operating from middle east and far east are doing just the opposite. Emirates airlines is luring super rich to indulge in extreme luxury by offering private suite on board for first class passengers on Emirates A380, while Etihad Airways is offering Swarovski studded “amenity kits” for men and women along with high-end loungewear.

Middle East and Far East Arab nations always reacts differently to any situation including financial meltdown and its consequences. It is true airlines have suffered major losses during recent recession, so cost cutting measures are demand of the times. Cost cutting will work as incentives for those who are financially weak and will sell more tickets. But if one offers luxurious incentives to high-end rich people who indulge in luxury travel then it will lure more rich passengers and bring in revenue as well. Awesome business sense, isn’t it?

Other fact is, airlines from countries like France, Canada and Britain are scarping first class to make room for economy and premium seats. So, luxury hooked rich will opt for Emirates and Etihad kind of airlines to enjoy mid-air luxury.  According to Emirates and Etihad officials, there is a growing demand for first-class and they are merely catering to high-end customers need and improving their brand value and image. All these air-lines do operate all-economy aircrafts too. So they are catering to passengers of all classes while indulging super rich passengers with Swarovski studded kits and separate luxury suites on board.

Via Gulf News

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